How can the two of you get along in such a small space?

February 5, 2018

Jane’s Answer¬†– John and I have different personalities. But we both value peace, quiet, reading, independence, solving our own boredom, sharing new learning, and each other.

So … all that said, it’s fine (sometimes better) when one of us goes off to do something alone or with a group. Also, we spend most of our time out of the 200 square feet.

P.S. – We’ve had practice too. Almost always, John has worked from home and when I was teaching we had months together.

Another thing: Since I’ve retired we start mornings with a sit down, no electronics, lots of coffee staff meeting which can move from short and long-range planning, to finances, to (oh my gosh) feelings. We’ve learned – the hard way sometimes – that making decisions together is paramount.

John’s Answer – As long as we have a dinghy on the boat, where one of us can get away for awhile, we’ll be fine.