How long do you think you’ll live this nomadic lifestyle?

February 10, 2018

We’re not sure. We think we could easily spend a couple of years cruising the east coast of the U.S. from Maine, down the ICW to Key West. The Bahamas would be the likely next step. If we’re still enjoying the journey after that, maybe we’ll try heading to the Dominican Republic, or the Virgin Islands, or the eastern Caribbean, or the western Caribbean. Jane wants to go to Cuba. We’ll take it a day at a time. As long as we’re both enjoying the adventure and our bodies cooperate, we’ll continue.

At some point, one of us will look at the other and declare, “I’m done!”. We’ll sell the boat and do something different. We think we’d like to buy another RV one day and spend a few years visiting all the National Parks. Or, it may be time to buy a condo, or a small cabin on a quiet lake.

We don’t know.¬†We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.