Who’s crazy idea was this? John or Jane?

February 5, 2018

John’s Answer – The original idea was definitely mine and was totally, unequivocally and undeniably dismissed by Jane when first presented as a possible lifestyle after retirement. As a matter of fact, as this is a family oriented blog, I can’t even mention the salty sailor language used by Jane at the time. Frankly, after that eventful day, I never mentioned it again. About a year later, Jane surprisingly expressed some interest, and the research began in earnest. We traveled to the Florida Keys to interview full time cruisers and started reading sailing books, cruiser blogs and watching YouTube videos (see our favorite cruising and RV links listed in the right-hand column of this page). Surprisingly, I think it’s safe to say that Jane is probably more engaged in the lifestyle plan today than me. Go figure!

The idea for the RV came later when we realized that the intended journey for our first year of cruising (see Our Plan) didn’t allow us year-round living on the boat. We needed someplace to live during the period we can’t be on the boat. And what a great opportunity to be able to hop in the RV while the boat is in storage and explore this beautiful county (the warmer parts, of course!).

Jane’s Answer – Yes, as above. It did take me a long time as usual, but with lots of thinking, researching, interviewing, some praying for guidance … I’ve arrived!